Salam semua kawan-kawan.. Selamat datang ke FATIN CLOSET.. Kat sini Fatin ada jual pakaian pre-loved, new clothes & some accessories.. Jemput la lihat apa yang fatin akan jual yer.. :) Semuanya termasuk postage, jadi korang x perlu risau dengan kos penghantaran yer~

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Welcome to fatincloset88.blogspot

Salam and Hi everyone.. this is my 1st post in fatincloset.. first and foremost, i welcomed all of you who just drop by to my blog.. my name is Fatin and as you can predict im 1988 born girl which mean im turned 23 y.o this year..

Basically i loved to dress up, buying new clothes wherever i go and currently addicted with online shopping. So, these three bad habits of a student like me, makes my closet become bigger and ticker which i hate to see that!

And of course when i bought too many, i found that i don't have much time to wear all my apparels! so, i made this blog to let go some of my pre-loved clothes, new clothes and of course accessories to match with the apparels..

I hope you girls out there have fun in surveying my clothes which waiting for new owner (it is you~)

Fatincloset (pls mind my grammar :p)

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