Salam semua kawan-kawan.. Selamat datang ke FATIN CLOSET.. Kat sini Fatin ada jual pakaian pre-loved, new clothes & some accessories.. Jemput la lihat apa yang fatin akan jual yer.. :) Semuanya termasuk postage, jadi korang x perlu risau dengan kos penghantaran yer~

Thursday, 7 July 2011

♥ B.U.M Girlish Skirt ♥

Skirt Jeans
Brand: B.U.M Equipment
Pinggang: 26 inch, Labuh: 14 inch
Size: S, Condition: 10/10
Status: Available
Price: RM25 (including postage)

I just bought this sweet skirt last week from other blog,
but found out that i already have similar skirt like this.. LOL!

So instead of keep it in my fully closet, i want to let go..
I never wear it, just try once only~

Suggestion of wearing : you can simply wear this skirt with legging or skinny pants together with belt :)

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